hat many people believe to be the finality of "death" is in fact no more and no less than the transition from one state of life and reality, that of the physical matter, to a state of life known as energy. Energy of a vastly finer density of the Universe that is constant and often referred to as, "the Astral plane, the beyond," and the "fourth dimension,"  and what we will refer to as the "afterlife." At the exact moment of death, doctors and nurses have been known to explain it as a doorway that seems to crack open, possibly into a higher reality, to which the spirit is immediately drawn through. Often those present will explain feeling as if the life energy of the deceased was being vented, drawn to a doorway, much like smoke through a chimney. This energy does not feet like an electrical charge, like that of ozone being discharged into the atmosphere through an electrical storm, but a life force energy felt by all those present, including the emotional energy being vented by family and friends as they begin to mourn the news; it becomes an unnatural chill felt in the vicinity of the newly departed individual. After death, the atmospheric changes in the room have been known to register an electromagnetic (EM) discharge of energy, believed to be caused by forces in motion during the death process. The more traumatic the death, the more heightened the EM field registered in the atmosphere around the recent death; especially those with a heightened sense of emotion and are psychically sensitive or empathic. Depending on the heightened nature of the death and the processes and the state of mind in which the deceased person passed, this atmospheric phenomenon will generally fade over several days. However when the area has been due to a violent, extremely painful, or massive amount of lives lost, this highly intensified EM atmosphere can persist for several months, and even years.
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