he Imp is thought to have originated from Germanic folklore and is well known through all of Western Europe. Belonging to the fairy realm of the Earth Element, it is generally considered a very mischievous trickster that is always up to no good. Imps earned a reputation sometime during the later part of the Middle Ages as being minions for the devil and associated with devil worship. Imps are small, fast and quick, and nearly impossible to catch. They are often categorized as wild and uncontrollable. They're not very attractive little creatures even though they resemble fairies in many ways; they look more like a gnome. Fairies and imps share the same sense of care free spirited enjoyment of anything a small child would consider fun and naughty. This may account for why they've been branded as being malicious and evil. Although there is no doubt that both of the little earth creatures are fond of pranks, imps cherish misleading people in an effort to amuse themselves. Most of the time, the pranks imps commit begin harmlessly enough, but often turn out to be upsetting, disruptive, and harmful. They love tricks like switching babies in their prams while the mothers catch up on gossip, or leading weary travelers astray only to get more lost than they already were. It may be for that reason that imps are often portrayed as lonely little creatures, always in search of a human friend or a little amorous attention, using jokes and pranks as a means of attracting humans for friendship, which of course backfire when people became annoyed by the endeavor and drive them away. And should an imp attract a friend, it is usually a child, or child-like adult. These friendships however, are usually short lived when the imp gets bored and pulls an 'impish' prank them, alienating them and chasing them away The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011