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Contact with aliens has been well documented throughout the ages and for countless generations…the Bible is full of them.  Today, the experience many of the people who claim to have been ‘taken’ are often sincere, they are psychologically healthy and are from very credible people with some well documented experiences. 

Who are The Ancients? Depending on who you ask answers vary from the Biblical accounts of Genesis to similar and often plausible explanations of ancient races that may have colonized every corner of the Earth. For every anomalous artifact unearthed, we only end up with more questions and less plausible answers.

Conspiracies are often so complex that the simplest and most obvious questions go unasked to only make excellent fodder in a dime-store novel. Although many conspiracy theories are paradoxes that rely on common misconceptions and often hearsay, it’s the incognizant or uneducated that can’t follow the logic behind them.

For over fifteen centuries the mystery of crop circles has baffled both academic and religious circles around the world; a phenomenon that has surrounded mankind for generations. Even today the myriad of riddles go unanswered by science, religion and researchers who cannot quite agree on: What hell is going on?

Cryptozoology, is the study and pursuit of elusive animals whose existence is not yet acknowledged in scientific circles Yet as cameras improve, so have the number of sightings of these elusive beasts, improving the plausibility they may actually exist. It’s only be a matter of time before objective evidence will in fact prove it.

No doubt about it, psychics have received a bad rap for years only because of charlatan and religion. Yet there are many talented, dedicated, and reliable mystics that are not charlatans! It is therefore imperative they first earn your trust, before being considered as a source of inspiration on your life’s journey.

With the advent of television programming to give anything ‘paranormal’ their own twist, a lot of disinformation has been passed on to the viewing audience for the sake of increasing television ratings. Within these pages, we segregate fact from fiction to reveal the truth about this exciting and most misunderstood topic.

Like oil and water, science and religion just don’t mix. We’re not trying to convert either side, but merely include more information as to why the barriers exist; barriers that have been long the cause of many covert wars over the centuries. From the Vatican to Bern, the debate on Creation rages on. Our objective: to isolate the facts.

Long before the twentieth century, scientists and philosophers rarely investigated the possibility of time travel, yet strangely enough it is now an exciting and deeply studied topic. As our understanding of science and mathematics improves, the future of time travel has becoming more promising, although still problematic.

UFOlogy is still quite controversial, to say the least. Especially since it from the fact UFOs tend to make unpredictable appearances, in places quite inconvenient to researchers. Skeptics argue that’s not the problem, because UFOs do not exist. However, the  physical evidence is mounting and  even the most avid skeptics are becoming believers.

For a few short years that we published the Journal of Anomalous Sciences, we had some wonderful articles are now been archived in The Dimension Zone’s website “DZ Nucleus.” You should examine these archives and allow yourself to absorb the myriad of information therein and with presentations that will tantalize your neurons.

No matter how much the anomalous sciences may titillate your senses, it is virtually impossible to know of, or attend everything that’s out there to keep you informed. Be they symposiums, lectures, films or documentaries. For that very reason we have gathered simply “the best of the best” to view at your leisure with the pages of Occam’s Enigma.

Information Doesn’t Have to be Boring!

The Dimension Zone’s  sole mission is to explore a world full of many weird and wonderful anomalous sciences as extensions that go beyond the scope of mainstream science. Herein we hope to provide you with thought-provoking, ground-breaking information and amazing discoveries that will someday influence the trends of tomorrow and that may one day help shape our understand of the world. The Dimension Zone hopes to present to you the with latest information available regarding new and important discoveries, theories and ideas and in a format that will captivate your imagination, entertain you, and keep you wanting more. We pride ourselves in that we make every attempt to present our information in a format that uses the highest definition graphics, photography and fidelity available in such a way manner that it boggles your senses, sparks your imagination and expands your the mind to all the wonderful possibilities you may have never thought even existed.

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